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Can Virtual Reality make our life easier?

Virtual Reality has become more and more popular as time went on. Since 1935 when a short story called Pygmalion’s Spectacles was created by Stanley G. Weinbaum to 2016 when a pair of goggles that looks like a toaster oven is stuck to your face

Nominated for the Business Excellence Awards 2016. Best to come...

IQ in IT proudly announces after winning the ‘Best Technology Company’ in 2015 and Best Green Company in 2014’ to be

Sorry to interrupt but Windows 10 is only free until 29th July….

Counting down to Windows 10 first year anniversary and with it comes the end of the free upgrad

Best Stand at buzzing Kingston Business Expo 2016 during London Tech Week

Kingston Business Expo was even more successful this year than last year being officially part of London Technology Week 2016.

Two Partners, Two Expos and All under One roof

Any business needs finance, resources and a good business plan. With this comes IT which is crucial to make your business work on a daily basis throughout the year.

What's all the fuss about passwords?

One simple way to keep your information secure is to make sure you and your employees use strong passwords. How can I determine whether or not my password is strong? There are three factors.

Firewall – stay safe in the cyber world!

Nowadays, Ransomware and cyber-attacks have become common threats on the internet. Based on a recent security breach survey by the government and conducted by PWC in 2015 shows that

Secure your bit with Anti-malware

The Internet has become more and more part of our everyday lives. It has enhanced the way we live and work and made it much easier for people to get information, share and communicate. However with these new ways of technology comes security threats.

Get ready and be secure in 2016

Clever about IT - minimise your IT Start-Up costs

IQ in IT was pleased to be part of the Enterprise Start-up Fair last week at the Kingston University Business campus.


About IQ in IT

IQ in IT is a cloud service provider based in Kingston Upon Thames. We offer a complete solution of cloud services including phones, virtual desktops and servers to our clients.

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