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                                                    Firewall - protect your business

It is hard to catch up with the cyber world and its fast evolving online threats. Therefore, it is important to any business having
a sophisticated spyware and malicious software working in conjunction with a resistant firewall.

Our tech team trials, tests and researches well the products of our partners such as Dray Tek, Microsoft, Bitdefender in order
to choose a solid and trustworthy firewall.

                 Security has always been a priority to us. IQ in IT is happy to help and advise on what would
                                                         be the best solution to protect your business.

                                      Contact us for your security review, or get advice on firewall or anti-malware.

                                                    Call us on 0330 122 5226 or stay in touch with us on twitter.

About IQ in IT

IQ in IT is a cloud service provider based in Kingston Upon Thames. We offer a complete solution of cloud services including phones, virtual desktops and servers to our clients.

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