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How Safe is Your Smart Home?

Our lives certainly seem to be getting so much easier and, you would think, more safeguarded thanks to smart home technology. But have you stopped to consider how secure all these WiFi connected devices actually are?

Major Cyber Attack on its Way Says UK Security Boss: Time to Manage Risks

According to various media reports, a ‘category one’ cyber-attack will happen “sometime in the next few years” says a director of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Here we look at how businesses need to change the way they think about cyber security by switching to risk management and investing in a tailored strategy.

Home Hacking Threats: How Safe is Your Personal Tech?

The likes of Amazon Echo and Google Home, and the forthcoming Apple HomePod, certainly seem to be the next must-have device. Working via a simple voice command and springing to life on hearing their personal ‘wake word’, they can do everything from shuffling a music playlist and providing the latest weather forecast through to ordering pretty much all you could wish for and keeping you on track with updates from your personal calendar. Synced with other devices, they will also control your home heating and security and switch your lights on and off. All good. However, there’s something you need to know.

In-Roads for Cyber-Crime: Are you Missing Something Crucial?

You know the vital importance of adopting cyber security measures. You’re fully aware of how crucial it is to protect your business and that includes its reputation and its sensitive data. You’ve quite rightly, and shrewdly, taken steps to install systems and processes to reduce the risk of technology failures that could open the floodgates for an attack. You’ve put in place a comprehensive educational programme for staff so that the human risk element is covered. You’ve even secured everything physically as well as digitally. But are you missing anything? No? Are you absolutely certain?

GDPR: Why Cyber Security has Never Been so Crucial

In just over eight months, one of the most far-reaching and comprehensive pieces of European regulation will change the face of how data is stored, handled and protected. The Regulation will increase expectations and rights concerning data privacy, and will push organisations to follow strict cyber security practices. Could your business survive a fine representing 2 per cent of turnover? If not, read on to discover what you should be doing to get it right with GDPR.

Cyber Love & Cyber Attack | events to remember

We love technology and sharing the latest and greatest on Virtual Reality to our clients and community especially on Valentine’s Day.

Why Cyber Security for SMEs is even more important in 2017

Cyber Security will stay dominant this year with its rapidly growing technologies and innovations, Cyber attackers are just as fast or even more innovative.

Is your business ready for the Cloud? 6 benefits of Cloud Computing…

Cloud technology has been around for a couple of years however businesses have been slow to adopt to it.

The fastest internet connection for businesses

Some call it fast fibre optic, others say high speed, super-fast or fastest connection ever - correct - it is fast with greater speed and the fibre goes directly from the cabinet to your office - it is you

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